Terms and Conditions & Privacy Policy

Terms & Conditions

1.0 All completed sales with Affluent Shops are final and will not be reversed.
1.1 Affluent Shops is not responsible for any bans on Runescape. However, this is highly unlikely.
1.2 If an order is purchased while Affluent Shops is offline, we will attempt to contact within an hour of being online. If this fails, we will refund the payment.
1.3 Affluent Shops has the right to decline an order if the customer fails to provide the relevant identification.
1.4 If a customer attempts to fraud Affluent Shops, Affluent Shops will retort with all the information stored on our service and pursue any legal action necessary. We offer a legitimate service; we expect you to be a legitimate customer.

Privacy Policy

The following information is collected from users when using our website. The visitor's IP address and ID verification as well as any contact emails, live chat logs or skype logs.
The information will only be used for Affluent Shops purposes to prevent fraud. This information will only be given to the relevant parties, such as PayPal in the case of a fraud case that is committed against us.